Seattle Kobe About This Partnership
Seattle Yacht Club Suma Yacht Club  The relationship between the two clubs developed in the 1980 – 1981 timeframe. It was forged by Seattle YC Past Commodore Phil Johnson and Suma YC Past Commodore Hiromasa Akita. The first exchange took place in 1982. The exchanges were held every two years through 1990. Thereafter, they have been held every three years. The 2008 event is the 11th in the series. The two clubs take turns hosting the event. The centerpiece of the relationship is the Takarabune Regatta, a sailing match race between the two clubs. The “Takarabune” is a mythical Japanese lucky treasure ship. The main trophy for the regatta features a rendering of this vessel in the form of a beautiful metal sculpture. A number of cultural and social activities are also conducted along with the racing.
Port of Seattle Port of Kobe
YMCA of Greater Seattle Kobe YMCA
The Mountaineers, Seattle Branch Kobe Mountaineers
Mt. Rainier Mt. Fuji Mt. Rainier and Mt. Fuji have been sister mountains since 1999. Read the proclamation joining them as “Sister Mountains” here!
State of Washington Hyogo Prefecture
Lions Club of Seattle Lions Club of Kobe  This plaque appears on a rock near the Kobe Bell at Seattle Center.