Membership donations are the fuel that keep our SKSCA programs running. As an entirely volunteer-run organization, SKSCA relies on the generosity of community donors to continue organizing activities that promote friendship between Seattle and Kobe. We have a variety of membership categories – feel free to select whichever category best suits your preferred donation level.

How do I join? How do I renew my membership?

First refer to the membership dues table below. Decide on the amount you’d like to donate based on your preferred membership category. Then visit our Donor Tools page and enter the amount you’d like to donate, and click the “Donate” button. It’s that easy!

When was my last membership donation?

You can check your own recent membership records with Donor Self Service. Just create a donor account by creating a username and password, and then click “Sign up for Donor Self Service.” If you don’t see any donor records associated with your email address, let us know at and we’ll make sure your email address gets linked to your SKSCA donor account.

Membership Categories and Dues

Individual and Family Memberships

Individual $30
Family $50
Senior/Student $15

Major and Corporate Gift Levels

Supporter $125-$249
Patron $250-$499
Benefactor $500-$999
Founder $1,000 plus